As a dream study destination for many international students, England never fails to impress with its charming culture, vast history and vivacious festivals. Georgina Deacon invites you to sit down with a cuppa and find out what makes England so splendid.

There are many appealing destinations in the world but England is considered to be ‘the’ country, the perfect place for profitable language immersion,” says Giovanni Moretti, ESL in Italy. Boasting a strong reputation in its education, England also celebrates an extensive history and a culturally diverse society. “Students mostly like the international feeling of all its destinations,” continues Moretti. “Wherever they go, they are sure to find the right mix between local culture and international environment.”

At Ande-LM Ltd Agency in Albania, Adela Makashi says that her students “truly believe in England’s education system” and that they often fall in love with London. “Students like the English culture and they love visiting London, Buckingham Palace and having an English breakfast,” she says. “To them, England is a dream becoming a reality which they’ve only seen on TV.” Vilemar Magalhães from Easy Way Intercâmbios in Brazil notes that his students enjoy university towns, such as Oxford or Cambridge, and adds, “The surrounding landscape that integrates most university campuses brings a comfortable influence of serenity that invites study and research.”
- 在阿爾巴尼亞 Ande-LM Ltd Agency公司,Adela Makashi說她的學生“真正相信英國的教育體系”,他們經常會情不自禁地愛上了倫敦。 “學生們喜歡英國文化、逛倫敦、逛白金漢宮以及吃英式早餐。 “對他們來說,以往只在電視上看到英國,現在來到英國就像是美夢成真。巴西 Easy Way Intercâmbios的Vilemar Magalhães注意到,他的學生很享受大學城,像是牛津或劍橋,大學城融合周圍景觀為校園帶來寧靜,讓學生來這邊學習或研究有個舒適的環境。

As a relatively small country with a comprehensive railway network and good bus links, England is easy to travel around should a student want to venture out and explore. “Always book your tickets in advance, especially for the train,” suggests Richard Quarterman at EC London. “Apply for railcards and travelcards as there are often benefits for students.” One such railcard is the 16-25 Railcard, which currently costs UK£30 (US$44) for a year and will save anyone aged between 16 and 25 years a third on any train journey price.

Students can also save money if they are studying in London by getting an Oyster card. A student version is available, giving a further 30 per cent discount. “Students who are studying with St.Giles for 14 weeks or more are entitled to a student Oyster card,” says Kirstine Bowen at St Giles International, which has two centres in London as well as one in Brighton and one in Eastbourne. An Oyster can be used on London’s bus, tube,tram and rail services.

Kevin Romao at St Clare’s, Oxford recommends booking journeys via train or bus in advance to save money. “ Megabus and National Express are good for buses, and is really useful for rail journeys,” he says. Jonathan Quinn at CES adds, “Sometimes the train looks like the cheapest way to go, but a flight may work out much more economical.” Budget airlines, such as Ryanair and EasyJet, are a fairly inexpensive way to see the rest of Europe, too.

- 作為一個相對較小的國家提供全面的鐵路網絡和良好的公車系統,英國很容易到礎趴趴走,讓學生四處探索。 Richard Quarterman at EC London 建議,提前預訂車票,尤其是火車。 申請railcards和travelcards,因為往往提供學生優惠。一年Railcard目前價格UK30英鎊(44美元),將節省年齡在16歲至25歲之間1/3的車票價錢。

就讀於倫敦的學生如果有Oyster card還可以節省錢。學生版本車票,享有另外30%的折扣。 學生如果在 St.Giles就讀14週以上,就有權享有學生Oyster Card。Oyster Card可以使用於倫敦的公車,地鐵,電車和火車。

Kevin Romao at St Clare’s Oxford 建議提前訂火車或公車票可以省錢。Megabus 和 National Express 是良好的公車, 對地鐵交通很有用。 Jonathan Quinn at CES補充說,“有時火車看樣子最便宜,但飛機有時可能更優惠。廉價航空公司,如Ryanair和EasyJet,是一個相當便宜的方式到其他歐洲國家。

Before applying for a visa, students should double-check that they are applying for the correct one, recommends Christine Goodwin at Northumbria School of English, whether it is a Student Visitor Visa or a Tier 4 visa. Quarterman at EC London notes that students should be very clear about their intentions for travel and adds, “Students need a very high attendance rate for visa applications, so come to school and study every day!”

Zoe Woods at International House Newcastle notes that students need to show proof of their financial situation. “If parents or other relatives are supporting a student financially, they will need to have documentary proof of this, including bank statements – not recent large deposits of unstated origin,” she explains.
Nicolas Volpintesta at Atlantic Language Training in Plymouth adds, “Students should apply as soon as possible, and they can do this as early as three months before. The Government’s website contains relevant and updated information about all the legal documents required for a general visa.”

-  Christine Goodwin at Northumbria School of English建議在申請簽證時,學生應該仔細檢查,申請的是正確的簽證校,無論是學生訪問簽證或Tier 4簽證。Quarterman at EC London指出,學生應該很清楚自己旅行的目的,“學生需要非常高的出席率以申請簽證,所以每一天都要到學校學習!

Zoe Woods at International House Newcastle指出,學生需要提供財力證明。 “如果父母或其他親人在經濟上支持學生,他們需要有文件證明,其中包括銀行結單 。
Nicolas Volpintesta at Atlantic Language Training in Plymouth補充說,“學生應早在三個月前申請簽證。政府網站會有最新關於所需的簽證文件和訊息。

Students can find out what accommodation is available to them by checking with their school, as Romao advises. “There are cheaper ways of getting flats/houses, but these are often illegal and may cause problems. It’s best to ask your school or find a good local established estate agent.” Renting privately is a good option for students who want some independence. For students on shorter stays, Volpintesta recommends a hotel or B&B, “Especially if a student wants to visit the city and its surroundings extensively.”

However, he adds, “Host families are a great way to get a sense of the real England and be completely immersed in the culture.” Goodwin agrees, “Host families are very friendly and welcoming and will treat you as one of the family.”

Many schools offer their own accommodation, which is a good opportunity for students to make friends with others who are going through the same study abroad experience as them. “Living in the school residence is always best; prices are affordable and students get the campus feeling,” says Lesinda Leightley at LAL Language Centres. At IH Newcastle, Woods says that they have their own city centre apartments where they mix students with different nationalities so they can practise their English. “It means that everything is on the doorstep and students don’t have to pay expensive travel costs every day.”

- Romao建議學生與學校聯絡找出可以提供住宿的宿舍。 有些很便宜的房子,但這些是經常非法的,可能會引起問題。 最好問你的學校或找一個好的房地產經紀人。自行租房是需要自己的空間的學生很好的選擇。如果學生只是短暫停留,Volpintesta建議住酒店或B&B,特別是如果學生想到其他的城市及其周邊地區。


許多學校提供自己的住所,這是學生交朋友的好機會,住在學校居住始終是最好的;價格實惠,讓學生在校園的感覺。 IH Newcastle, Woods 說,他們市中心有自己的公寓,在那裡有來自不同國籍的學生,使他們能夠練習英語。 幾乎所有地點都在公寓附近,學生不必每天支付昂貴的交通費用。

English etiquette and lingo
“’Cheers’ is a great word. You can say it when you drink something with someone, and it’s a great way to say ‘thanks’.” John Barnett, Cambridge Academy of English

“’Do you fancy a cuppa?’ This means, ‘Would you like a cup of tea?’” Isabel Kaczmarek, Communicate School of English, Manchester

“It is normal to queue at bus stops, banks, cinemas and shops. It is rude to push in at the front or the middle of a queue.” Kirstine Bowen, St Giles International

“Students should immerse themselves in the language, obviously, and also the culture – listen to music, watch TV, go out and meet people - Make the most of their time here! There are hundreds of things you can do for free, you just need to know where to look...” Richard Quarterman, EC London

“When talking about money, many English people say ‘quid’ rather than ‘pound’, so instead of saying ‘twenty pounds’, locals may say ‘twenty quid’.” Kevin Romao, St Clare’s, Oxford

“English people may call you a ‘pet name’ even if they don’t know you. In the northeast, we say hinny, hen, flower, pet, love, but you might hear petal, lovey, chick, duck, mate and love. There are lots of regional variations!” Christine Goodwin, Northumbria School of English

“English politeness and indirectness – we love to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and get offended when others don’t! Also, prepare for all types of weather when packing your suitcase.” Zoe Woods, International House Newcastle

“'乾杯'是一個好詞。跟別人一起喝東西的時候可以說,也是一個表示'謝謝'的意思。 Communicate School of English, Manchester

“'Do you fancy a cuppa?”這意味著,'你想喝杯茶嗎?Isabel Kaczmarek, Communicate School of English, Manchester

“在巴士站,銀行,電影院和商店排隊是正常的。插隊是很粗魯的。Kirstine Bowen, St Giles

“學生應該沉浸在英語和文化裡 - 聽音樂,看電視,出門見人 - 使他們的大部分時間在這裡!有數以百計的事情是免費的,你只需要知道去哪裡找...Richard Quarterman, EC London

“當談論金錢,許多英國人說'‘quid',而不是'pound',所以不要說”twenty pounds,當地人會說“twenty quid' ” Kevin Romao, St Clare’s, Oxford

“英語的人可能會叫你'小名',即使他們不認識你。在東北,我們說 hinny, hen, flower, pet, love,但你可能會聽到 petal, lovey, chick, duck, mate and love。有很多地區的差異!“Christine Goodwin, Northumbria School of English

“英語禮貌和間接性 - 我們愛說”請“和”謝謝“,而當別人不這麼坐我們會覺得被冒犯!此外,收拾行李的時候,準備各種天氣的衣物。“Zoe Woods, International House Newcastle

5 English festivals to attend

For many people in England, summer signals festival season. It means chipping the mud from last year’s music-filled long weekend off your Wellington boots (wellies) and checking that the tent carelessly abandoned for a hot shower as soon as you stepped through the door is still in working order. Aside from the greats – Glastonbury, V Festival, Bestival et al. – England has much to offer on a smaller scale, including festivals celebrating local ale, cheese and vibrant cultures. “Festivals are a major thing in England,” says Richard Quarterman at EC London. “In London, it’s not a problem to find a festival that piques your interest.”


1. Parklife: “This music festival is held in one of the largest parks near Manchester and takes place in June, so you can hope for nice weather,” says Isabel Kaczmarek at Communicate School of English. “But it’s not guaranteed so pack wellies just in case!” Taking place in Heaton Park, this two-day event welcomes a host of big names, including Mark Ronson and George Ezra in 2015, to its stages.


2. Mouth of the Tyne: “This festival is every summer and is held in the dramatic grounds of Tynemouth’s Anglo-Saxon priory and castle ruins,” says Zoe Woods at International House Newcastle. This year, the festival will run from 10-12 July, with bands such as The Specials and I Am Kloot performing over the weekend. “The setting is beautiful and very relaxed – people take picnics and just enjoy the music,” notes Christine Goodwin at Northumbria School of English.

3. Notting Hill Carnival: On the August bank holiday weekend, people across London and beyond come together for the Notting Hill Carnival, a cultural celebration for Afro-Caribbean communities and one of the largest street festivals in Europe. “This Caribbean-themed street festival features steel bands, Calypso music and food stalls,” enthuses Kirstine Bowen at St Giles International.

4. Ludlow Food Festival: “Food festivals are becoming so popular now,” says Kevin Romao at St Clare’s, Oxford. “The 2015 edition of Ludlow Food Festival will take place in September and food producers from all over England will be there to offer their food.” With flavoured liquors, local meat stews, homemade savoury biscuits and luxury ice creams, there is something for everyone in this pretty Shropshire town.

5. Boardmasters: “This five-day festival is an annual event held in the summer (5–9 August) in Newquay, Cornwall,” says Nicholas Volpintesta at Atlantic Language Training. “It is a combination of live music and a surf and skate contest. The line-up for the music event always features a number of top international artists while global pro-surfers do battle in a variety of competitions.”

5 typically English things to do


1. Historical sites 歷史古蹟

England is home to castles, monuments and many other sites showcasing the country's varied and dramatic history, some dating back thousands of years. Stonehenge巨石陣, thought to be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old and a World Heritage Site, is a quintessential prehistoric monument, along with other Roman and Medieval sites Hadrian's Wall哈德良長城, Canterbury Cathedral坎特伯雷大教堂 and the Tower of London倫敦塔. ''The northeast has more castles per square mile than any other region,'' notes Goodwin, while Quarterman adds, ''Places like Stonehenge and Bath breathe history - more than just see it, you can actually feel it once you're there.''
- 英國的城堡,紀念碑和許多遺跡,展示該國距今數千年的多樣化和戲劇性的歷史。巨石陣,被認為是4000至5000年的歷史和世界遺產,是一個典型的史前紀念碑,以及與其他羅馬和中世紀的遺址哈德良長城哈德良長城,坎特伯雷大教堂坎特伯雷大教堂和倫敦塔。 東北地區每平方英里的城堡比其他任何地區的城堡還要多,像巨石陣和巴斯地方的歷史 - 不僅僅是看它,一旦你在那裡你可以實實在在地感受到它''


2. London 倫敦
''London is, in itself, a huge year-round cultural festival,'' says Magalhaes. England's capital city is a hive of activity above and below the ground, with an estimated four million passengers riding the tube- the London Underground - every day. On the surface, the city contains many free museums and galleries, Big Ben and the Houses of parliament, as well as pockets of upcoming urban areas with rooftop cinemas, vintage high streets and even a cat cafe. Four students not studying in London, Romao says, '' We recommend a day trip visiting Buckingham Palace and then seeing a musical in the West End.'' Hosting world-famous musicals, Bowen adds, '' See a musical in London's famous West End, such as Les Miserables or phantom of the Opera, which have both been running for almost 30 years!
- 倫敦本身就是一個巨大的全年文化節。倫敦地鐵每一天估計有400萬人次乘坐。從地面上看,這個城市包含了許多免費的博物館和畫廊,大本鐘和議會大廈,以及即將完成的rooftop cinemas,vintage high street,甚至a cat cafe。Romao說,'我們推薦一日遊參觀白金漢宮,然後在到倫敦西區觀賞世界著名的音樂劇,如孤星淚或歌劇魅影,這都登上舞台近30年!


3. English seaside 海邊
The English seaside can be enjoyed in all weathers. From Brighton and Newquay in the south, travelling further up the country to Hunstanton in Norfolk and Scarborough and Whitby in North Yorkshire, the English seaside packs a punch when the sun shines showing off its charming postcard beauty. Woods recommends eating fish and chips on the seafront, ''Especially in the northeast as we have amazing, clean and sandy beaches.''
- 英國的海邊可以感受到任何天氣。從Brighton和南部Newquay,行駛在Hunstanton的Norfolk和Scarborough以及北部的Yorkshire,英國的海邊在陽光普照時就像明信片上那樣美麗。Woods 建議在海邊吃魚和薯條 ”尤其是在東北地區,因為我們有令人讚嘆的、乾淨的沙灘。''


4. Premier league football 足球比賽
For sports fans, a trip to England is perhaps not complete without going to see a Premier League football match. ''I've seen many matches around the world but the atmosphere of the Premier League is unique, not only for football lovers, '' says Moretti, and it is loved and followed around the globe.
- 對於體育迷來說,去一趟英國也許不是完全沒有要去看英超足球比賽。 Moretti說 ”我見過很多的比賽在世界各地,但英超聯賽的氛圍是獨一無二的,不僅是給足球愛好者。


5. Visit an English pub 英國酒吧
Described as 'the heart of England' by notable 17th century diarist Samuel Pepys, a pub, or public house, is a place where, for hundreds of years, communities have come together to enjoy local beers and ales. Volpintesta recommends playing darts or pool, while Kaczmarek suggests a pub quiz.
- 被著名的17世紀的作家塞繆爾·佩皮斯稱為“英國的心臟”,酒吧幾百年來是一起享受當地的啤酒和麥芽酒的地方。





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